This is to introduce you to Hank Schaffeld, Gold Valley Log Homes, whom we were very fortunate to meet in 2008 while thinking about building a log home. After extensive pursuit of trying to educate ourselves about log homes, and the task of sorting the facts and information we were gathering, Hank walked into our lives. It wasn’t by accident because we sought him out but the difference between Hank and the others, the many others, was that he didn’t just give us answers. Hank made sure we understood everything we asked. Very seldom was that right away but never did we get the feeling he disliked or was impatient with our lack of understanding.

When we were ready to commit to build, of course, we chose Hank and the company he represented, Lincoln Logs. Hank helped us design the perfect home for us, many, many hours, hundreds of emails and phone calls from next door to everywhere, Hank does not stand still! When all was done Hank then sent all the details to Lincoln Logs for pricing and such. “Such” being the resulting changes to design, materials, etc. all meticulously explained and handled by Hank until we got there. We signed all the papers, wrote the check for half the price so we could get the price we wanted and sent it off, yea! Plans were drawn, changed, fine tuned and then approved. Everything was perfect. Six weeks later Lincoln Logs went bankrupt. We were devastated. A phone call to the lawyer confirmed we were going to lose everything we had invested. Nothing could be done. We lost all. Nobody cared. Then Hank called.

Hank wanted to tell us that he was talking to another log company about accepting our contract with Lincoln Logs. It was going to be more money but what we had invested wouldn’t be lost. Somehow Hank was able to accomplish this and had negotiated a contract that was going to be more money but what we had invested wouldn’t be lost. Here is a man that had lost his job plus thousands of dollars in commission and he was out there trying to help us. When we asked him why he simply said “it is the right thing to do.”

Through his help and guidance another contract was agreed upon and signed. He again became the one to help us with any question we had or to solve a problem that might come up right to the last day of the project. Hank had no obligation to do this. He didn’t get paid to do this.

It is our privilege to introduce Hank. We are proud to call him our friend.

Please feel free to contact us at (918) 605 2621  or via the Gold Valley Log Homes contact form. We would also be happy to have you come by, by appointment only and see for yourself what a good man “doing the right thing” helped to accomplish.


William L. Grandstaff
Susan L. Eggleston


“We didn’t know it was possible for us to live in a log home like this. It turned out even better than we imagined.”

— Ed & Pam Eubler

“I am very glad I went with Gold Valley Log Homes to coordinate my home design and log delivery from Sierra Log Homes, and I am really happy with Brian and his crew that are building my log home. They are easy to work with, work well together and get along well with my excavator. I am very, very happy with the cedar logs. They are just beautiful.”

— Ken Davis

For years I have wanted to have a log home almost as much as I wanted mountain property well off the beaten track. The quandary came when I found the property I wanted, but its remoteness and steepness, which meant no power, water or even reasonable road access made me wonder if a cabin was possible. I was concerned that making the cabin work out was going to be difficult if not impossible, but discussed the options with Hank Schaffeld at the Tri-City Sportsman show. Hank told me that nothing was impossible if I had the commitment, and we discussed options. I immediately went to work building a foundation which required hauling rock, mortar, a cement mixer and generator and getting started. Hank was involved with the entire process and lots of questions on my part. His attitude to help and direction were great.

The day to haul logs on the mountain came July 18th, and it took us a day to get them to the top of the mountain. Although I did not have much contact with the supplier of logs, Sierra Log Homes, I could see that their attention to detail and customer satisfaction were important to them. My friends arrived and we started on Saturday the 21st, and had the walls up my Sunday evening. Most of my help left but still we had the purlins, uprights, and ridgepoles in place by Tuesday. Hank was there and working (setting the pace) to that point, as well as roughing in the electrical. I got to know Hank and learned that he is a man of his word and then some. Although I don’t have the roof completed, windows and doors in, Hank is still offering direction, and will be up this week to show me how to install a window in a cabin and trim out logs.

I did learn that taking on a full time project like building a cabin / log home while working full time were difficult but certainly not impossible. I also learned that at 50 even with weekends and part time it can be done. I did not end up with a pole building or stick built shed, but instead a really nice 10” cedar cabin with 12” framework, and I can’t think of anything I would change. I would strongly suggest to anyone desiring a cabin to visit with Hank as his ideas and direction allowed me to avoid about 100 mistakes that would have resulted in a finished product that I would not have liked nearly as well as what is there now.

I will never forget the process and end result as long as I live as this project was a big undertaking, and consider Hank a friend and one of the hardest working guys around. I would finish by saying I have the cabin I wanted, and Hank was true to his word and work and continues to help. He is welcome at my place anytime.



Larry, Hank and Brian,

You are all a pleasure to work with. The wizardry you do with CAD drawing is a wonderful service that was a huge help with the design on this house. The skill and commitment you have for quality is fantastic. The County was very impressed with the plans you drew for my house. 20 minutes after I walked in their door I was walking out with my building permit.

I have made a few changes with Brian on the fly and the availability to run them by Larry and get answers fast has been great. I appreciate how smoothly this house has gone so far. I know there was a lot of details in this house with its size, slope of the lot and all that I was trying to accommodate. All of you have been available to bounce ideas off of and are willing to help make the changes that will make this house turn out the way I wanted it.

I have been very impressed with all the field changes that Brian and I have been able to make, and extremely glad I have him as the builder on this house. He is right on with catching details and making changes for a much improved end result. Most builders won’t adjust from prints like Brian did and it would be to the end user’s detriment. Things do not always look the same on paper as in reality. It helps a lot that he keeps me informed and in close contact. He quickly got a feel for how I like things, and if I’m not there, calls when he thinks I might want to adjust something. You should feel blessed to have Brian as an associate. He said you do the best job of any log manufacturers he has worked with.

Everything is turning out fantastic. I couldn’t be more pleased!

Thanks to all,
Chris Klingele

Updated 11/2013:

Chris Klingele

After many sleepless nights Ed began to realize that getting the home shell erected (not to mention the garage structure) was going to be beyond his physical abilities and comfort level. Neither one of us had built a log home before! We were at the point of canceling the contract and forfeiting the deposit, when you and Larry Trimboli helped us through that crisis!

The Purchase Agreement was modified in April 2010, and we adjusted some costs and included a builder to erect the house and garage. You put us in touch with JB Logcrafters of Montana owned by Brian Bisping. They and their crew were absolutely wonderful to work with — and true masters at working with logs.

Hank, you have been very responsive every time we contacted you. You always returned our phone calls and took the time to answer our questions. When the delivery trucks began their scheduled arrivals, you were there to take inventory and make sure that we had what we needed for each phase of the building process. Hank, we thank you for working with us over the years to help us realize our dream of owning our own log home!

Ed & Pam Uebler
John Day, OR



It is fantastic to be able to obtain a package of pine logs and wood for a cabin with the ability to be flexible in structure, design and look. Our cabin is made of beautiful lodgepole pine. I frequently walk through the cabin, running my hands along the wood to enjoy the smooth, soft feel, and I constantly marvel at the amazingly large, strong log beam in our living room that is rarely seen in newly built structures. Gold Valley Log Homes provided the opportunity to obtain supplies to create a masterpiece.

Our cabin is a delightful, tranquil place where we can rest and renew our minds and souls. It is a dream come true: something we have both wanted all our lives. Each time I step through the doorway, I feel joy and peace. I take a deep breath, inhaling the lovely scent of pine, and smile, knowing I am home. It is our Walden.

Tanna and Jeff Rasmussen

If you are considering building a log cabin, the one key to success is having a good log cabin rep to help you through all the process. I would highly recommend Hank.

I spent a lot time looking at the various offerings from a multitude of log cabin kit companies. In the end, they all offer very similar products, depending on how much money you have to spend. But, the one thing don’t all have is a Hank.

I was very inhibited about starting the process. I had a series of issues that were holding me back (I had a remote site that semi’s would not be able to get to, I was not very successful on even making contact with cement guys to work on a foundation, etc.). Hank, through his contacts, found a middle man who was willing to deliver the logs with a stack body truck that had a fork lift on the back. He also found a cement guy who was willing to work at the remote site to put in the foundation. Hank was there for the delivery of the logs, he showed me how to lay the first row, put in the windows, etc. Since I am mainly a work force of one, this was very helpful. He also put me in contact with recommend vendors that provided the best stains, etc.

Hank also has answered my hundreds of e-mail questions on how to do this or that…. So, if you are looking to purchase a log cabin kit, you may find one cheaper, but you won’t find a better rep than Hank

Daniel Malone

I am very pleased and satisfied with the materials, service, support, delivery, quality of the wood, windows, doors, etc. You have been the deciding factor in choosing Gold Valley Log Homes from the very beginning. I would highly recommend you and your company. Your wife coming to our home and talking made a difference too! The both of you make a great team!!!!

Marilyn Qualls

“We are so pleased with everything that Sierra and Gold Valley Log Homes have done for us on our log home. The material quality has been great. Anything we needed, they got right on it and took care of it.”

Dean Qualls

Dear Hank,

Thank you for your fine work at my cabin in Rhododendron. It’s exactly what I wanted, and the doors now make it possible for easy access to sleeping rooms on the second floor. I also appreciated how you cleaned up and even fixed the garbage disposal when you found it stopped. You even identified a roof leak that I was unaware of.

You and your brother Jim exceeded my expectations in every way.

All the best,


Dear Hank & Larry,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful work and materials that you have provided. The cedar is just beautiful, looking, smelling, etc. Your crew has done such a great job getting things done. Hank (Gold Valley Log Homes), Brian (J.B. Log Crafters) and his men have been so good to work with. The house is looking beautiful. The second truck arrived Monday with all the decking and extra railing materials and I can’t wait to see how they look.

The second weekend that I was out there, Hank brought by several couples who are also interested in building log homes. I got an opportunity to talk with them and share my experience. Please feel free to have others contact me. I am more than happy to sing your praises. We are so happy with how things are going and looking.

Again, thank you for all that you have been doing.

Fr. Drew & Julie Wales

I’m amazed that we could go from ideas in our minds to chicken scratches on paper to a beautiful log home of our dreams. Gold Valley Homes made this possible. It’s like they knew exactly what we wanted. They helped us through every step of the process. I’m excited more than ever to start the final phase.

Daryl & LaRhonda McCauley

Dearest Hank,

On behalf of both Gary and I, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us get into our home. We enjoyed working with you immensely and would refer you to anyone looking for a log home.

Gary & Lori Middleton