RED CEDAR is our specialty….STRUCTURALLY GRADED RED CEDAR sets us apart!


As manufacturers, we offer you the most complete line up of wall logs, matching sidings and complimentary parts produced out of RED CEDAR in the country. We stand alone in the market offering you the confidence of Structurally graded RED CEDAR for properly built projects.

We are your “one stop shop” resource for whatever type of project you are doing that requires the unique uses of logs, timbers and parts out of the following wood species: Red (incense) Cedar, Douglas Fir, Hem Fir, Ponderosa & Lodgepole Pine:

  • new/remodel construction for residential & commercial structures (interior/exterior, decor and/or structural)
  • refurbishing log and/or timber buildings for rotted log & timber replacement
  • various projects: carports, entries, porches, shade structures, decks, corals, fences, swings, furniture, countertops, etc
  • parts for any project you are working on, especially when you need odd and/or custom log & timber sizes








We offer beautiful and unique “old world” type surface textures to our prducts:

  • hand peel “drawknife” look to round logs
  • hand hewn “ads” look to timber

Long and oversized logs & timbers are our claim to fame:

  • up to 32′ long in cedar
  • up to 50′ long in Fir & Pine
  • up to 24″ wide

Additional services for our products are available:

  • structural grade stamp or certificate of grade for Cedar, Fir and Pine logs & timbers
  • structural beam calculations for logs & timbers
  • structural truss & truss plate design for log & timber trusses
  • pre-cut and/or pre-building of trusses and other type of structures

Sierra has been a grading subscriber in good standing with “TP” Timber Products Inspection for over 20 years.