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We Offer The Lowest Cost On Cedar Log Homes In The U.S. & The Very Best Service, Guaranteed!

Who We Are

Hank & Pamela Schaffeld Phone: 541-561-8699

Like you, our first step in buying a log home began with research and gathering information. We bought magazines, explored the Web and talked to many log home companies. With many years of experience as a log home owner and builder/dealer, we can assist you with choosing a log home company that meets your needs.

Building a home is often an overwhelming experience, and our mission is to help you throughout the entire process — including design, financing, building permits and hiring contractors. When your log home package arrives, we will help unload and take inventory. If we are not your builder of record, we will work beside your contactor for a couple of days as we begin stacking your logs. We will make periodic visits to answer questions and are always available by phone.

Unlike most log home dealers, we work closely with several log home and timber frame manufacturers that offer the best quality home at the best possible price. If you want a full-scribe log, machined log, solid timer or laminate log in any profile made of cedar, Douglas fir, lodgepole pine, Eastern white pine or spruce, we can help. We can also provide timber frame, panelized and SIP homes. We offer the lowest cost on cedar log homes in the U.S. & the very best service, guaranteed!

Pamela and I were raised and still reside in Eastern Oregon. We look forward to not only building your home but to building a personal relationship that will last a lifetime.

How We Can Help You

If you are like many of our clients, you have wanted a log home for years. Maybe you have been collecting floor plan ideas, pictures and sketches in your “Dream Log Home” file. You probably already have a vision of what you want your log home to look like. So what do you do next?

Gold Valley Log Homes understands the log home dream because we’ve been there ourselves. We had so many questions when we started researching the log home industry before building our own log cabin in 1994. Since then, we’ve helped our clients’ dreams come true, and we can do the same thing for you. Whether your target start date is two months from now or 10 years, we can help you make your log home dream come true.

Gold Valley Log Homes is an expert in guiding dreamers through the process of making their log home or cabin a reality.


Dream To Design

  • Gold Valley Log Homes will walk you through each step of the process, starting from whatever point you are now to where you move into your log home or log cabin. Even if you have just begun to research log homes, give us a call. We will progress through the process at the speed that meets your timeline and is comfortable for you. Our goal is to create a lifelong friendship as we build your dream log home together.
  • We’ll talk about your ideas, which could be as rough as these sketches on cardboard or as complex as this 3D topographical scale model.

    Designing a Log Home -- Rough Draft


    Designing a Log Home - 3D Topographical Scale Model

  • Once we agree on what your log home or log cabin should look like, we will create 3D imagery like these examples so you can truly visualize what the design that we have created together will actually look like when it's done.

Pamela and I were raised and still reside in Eastern Oregon. We look forward to not only building your home but to building a personal relationship that will last a lifetime.

See What Your Log Home Could Be