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Gold Valley Log Homes serves the entire U.S. with emphasis on the West including Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, California, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota. We offer the lowest cost on red cedar log homes in the U.S. & the very best service, guaranteed! Let Gold Valley Log Homes help your dream of building a log home come true. Our specialty is in assisting you with your dream and helping you make positive progress toward its fulfillment. Let us help you transform your ideas into your perfect log home design that can be built within your budget.

“We didn’t know it was possible for us to live in a log home like this. It turned out even better than we imagined.” — Ed & Pam Eubler

Gold Valley Log Homes is an independent company representing multiple log home manufacturers  as a direct mill rep. That means you receive factory direct pricing with the added benefit of our years of experience with log home design and helping others make their log home dream come true.  We know that no single log manufacturer is the very best at producing every type of log home. By being independent you are assured that you are provided the very best product at the very best price and backed by the highest level of service in the industry with someone who can personally stand with you on your property to see what you are seeing and assure your home not only meets your needs, but is the best design for your property and can be built within your budget.

Out of all the choices out there,

Why Choose Gold Valley Log Homes To Help Make Your Log Home Dream Come True

Personal Passion

After the design of your home has been perfected we consider the changes made from the original design as it might affect your building costs to make sure your final design still falls within your anticipated budget for your home completion.  With that confirmation, we complete the blue prints which include the engineer’s structural calculations for the appropriate structural material for your home.  These drawings and calculations are made specifically per your home design to be built on your particular piece of property to comply with the building code and unique conditions of your building site.  We correspond with the City or County to obtain their list of building criteria for your property and draft/engineer accordingly per your snow load, wind load, exposure and seismic zone.  For some areas of the Country that require Energy Calculations, we also complete them for you.

The best price for Red Cedar in the Country

If a log home built using milled logs is your preference, we offer the lowest price in the nation, guaranteed, for Incense Cedar.  Not only does Incense Cedar have the natural resistance to insects, rot, mold, fungus and decay, but it also shrinks less than any other wood that is suitable and affordable to use for the construction of log homes.  Because it shrinks less than other wood species it also checks less than other wood species which reduces your long term maintenance costs.  It grows close to the mill so transportation costs for raw material used in the milling of your log home are also minimized.  Here are a couple test questions: 1)  If you are going to spend $150K to $1MM on your log home does it not make sense to spend about 5% more than the cheapest wood species available and use red cedar?  Obviously, yes.  2)  Do you know why that for many years (before fire danger became evident) cedar shakes were used for roofing material rather than some other wood species?  Because they lasted for 40+ years and virtually every other wood species rots prematurely.

If you wish to build your home using hand-crafted logs we offer Western Red Cedar which is about a 10-15% premium to Douglas fir.  If you seek very large logs with amazing character and flared butts, and it fits within your budget, Western Red Cedar makes an amazing log home.

Proximity to your building site

When you need help, need additional products or have challenges we can personally be there.  We can’t be everything to everyone, but if you want to build in the Western U.S. we commit to being available for you, no matter how many years it is between now and when your home is finished.  For example, if you wish to build your own home, act as your own general contractor or use the services of a log crafter who hasn’t built using our materials in the past we personally commit to spending two days on-site with your construction crew consulting you/them about the log assembly process.  Sure, you/they would eventually figure out how to assemble the logs by reading the construction drawings, but what could be better than personal, on-site consultation of the tricks of the trade, how to prepare for wiring as well as how to dress and trim window/door openings?  Periodic subsequent personal visits can be made as needed.

Personal presence at your property

When we are with you at your property seeing what you are seeing and developing with you a personal attachment with your property and the home you want to build on it we gain a greater understanding and ability to help you fulfill your dream.

Friendly and honest

Mentioned last, but certainly not least important - We aspire to be pleasant to work with, someone we hope you would like to develop a life-long friendship.  We will be honest and up-front with you.  Sometimes that puts us in a position to tell you things you might not want to hear such as, “In order to stay within your budget we will need to modify your home design”.  Our goal is not to sell you the most product, but to help you to include as many features as possible within your home and stay within your budget.  There are others in the industry who will tell you basically anything you want to hear in order to sell you a building material package as if once they have your money the construction is your problem.  That’s not us.  We are with you to the end.  Let us partner with you to make your log home dream come true.

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